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Waterlilies are very resistant plants, can be planted without problems if there is enough sunshine and the roots are protected against freezing. If there is not enough sunshine, the flowering will be weak. If the pond is not deep enough (under 60 cm) and there’s a risk of freezing of the roots, the waterlilies must be planted in pots, in the winter time must be stored into dark non-freezing storage, with enough moisture. If that’s the case we recommend to plant it from the beginning into large pots which offer space for enough nutrients. We recommend pots of 30-70 cm in diameter and 15-25 cm high. Pots are filled with clayey soil and few fertilizer pellets or mud from a pond, than cover with small stones or sand that prevent mud agitation. Avoid light weight soil, it tends to float. Planting into natural ponds without concrete or plastic sheet is made by firmly sticking the root into the soil and ensuring with a stone as the waterlilies float, especially when there are fish inside the pond as they dig for food and can rip the plants from the soil. Clean the dead leafs and rotten roots. The planting is done by sticking the root close to the edge of pot, at a 45 degrees angle. Preparation for winter is done by cleaning of dead leafs. If you need to remove the pot from the pond, place it into a plastic bag that can keep the moisture and place it into a dark cold place, avoiding the freezing.